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Think and Grow Rich Book

Free Copy of 1937 Original Book

For a limited time, you can grab a copy of the book that has inspired millions of people to create the life of their dreams. Napoleon Hill’s book will give you step by step instructions to motivate you to achieve your dreams. Just listen to what others share about Think and Grow Rich:

“I’ve been studying Think and Grow Rich for more than 40 years. I take it with me everywhere I go. It took me from being a $6,000 a year fireman to more than a million dollars a few years later.” Bob Proctor, star of the hit movie The Secret

“Think and Grow Rich was one of the first motivational books I ever read.” — Patricia Fripp, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

“It’s the classic of all classics.” — Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“As relevant and pertinent today as the day it was written.” — Donald R. Keough, former President and CEO of Coca-Cola

“It gave me a new lease on life when I realized I could do anything if I had the desire and believed I could achieve my goals.” — S. Truett Cathy, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“Whatever success I may have attained I owe, entirely, to the application of your 17 fundamental principles of the Law of Success. I believe I have the honor of being your first student.” — William Wrigley Jr., Founder, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum

Got Your Free Copy of Think and Grow Rich?


Why We Should Detox the Body

Why Detox the Body?

Our world is very toxic now. The air we breathe has harmful pollutants. The water has harmful chemicals. Our food is not pure anymore as chemicals are now in the soils where food is grown. Our body is taking in toxins from three sources: air, food, and water.


People have used herbs to cleanse the body for thousands of years. The Chinese have known about the cleansing effect of herbs for thousands of years as well.

Whole Wellness Club has a detox tea that cleans the soft tissues of the body which includes the major organs: colon, kidneys, liver and lungs.

Doctors know that a person’s overall health is impacted when the colon is clean and the person is eliminating the same amount of bowel movements as they ate.

If you have 3 meals a day, you should eliminate 3 bowel movements. If someone’s colon is not healthy, constipation can set in and waste can back up in the colon. Toxins can be released back into the blood stream and a person’s health is affected.

Disease begins in a dirty colon. By just drinking an herbal tea twice a day, you can keep your colon and soft tissues of the body clean. Watch this video:

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You can also listen to this recorded call by dialing 1-559-546-1051 anytime day or night 365 days per year.

Dr. Chappell shares that many of the ingredients in VelociTea have been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world. Hippocrates used herbs to treat people and he is known as the father of medicine.

The VelociTea ingredients are a special blend of safe, natural, edible herbs grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides (even the tea bags are unbleached):

Blessed Thistle

Malva Leaves

Marshmallow Leaves

Milk Thistle

Persimmon Leaves

You can get one week of VelociTea on me for free by visiting my website below:

Rush Me a Week of VelociTea


Detox Tea

VelociTea Cleans Inside of Body

Here is a great way to earn income with a global company that was started in 2007. The Whole Wellness Club has set up the following website for its members to share the VelociTea detox tea product:

Share Detox Tea

Herbal teaVelociTea is a product that 9 out of 10 people get a result from in just one day. VelociTea helps relieve digestive ailments and:

* Relieves constipation
* Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
* Takes inches off the belly
* Restores mental clarity
* Feel increased energy
* Get relief from allergies and hayfever
* Helps clean your system of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and nicotine
* Helps clear skin conditions
* Keeps the colon, kidneys, liver and lungs healthy and clean

Did you know that people naturally share products and services with their friends and social media contacts on a daily basis. This is how products go viral. One person gets a good result and then shares with their close contacts. Then the sharing continues on. This is a recipe for a very nice secure income.

Grab your copy of the success series of letters by subscribing at the form in the upper right hand corner of my website to learn more about how you can build a successful business with your computer and telephone.

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Why Detox the Body

Toxins and Your Health

Toxins in the body cause serious health problems. Constipation is a major problem that many people experience. If fecal matter gets backed up inside of your digestive tract, toxins are released into your blood stream thereby poisoning yourself.

Here is an excellent recorded conference call with Dr. James Chappell explaining how detoxing the body can improve your health. Disease begins in the colon so keep yours clean!

Cleaning Out Parasites

Many people have incredible results by using 2 eight ounce glasses of VelociTea each day. Here are results that people are getting by drinking VelociTea:

  • Take inches off their belly and reduce fat everywhere (without dieting or giving up any favorite foods)
  • Feel more energy and enjoy life more
  • Restore mental clarity and improve memory diminished by too many toxins in the blood
  • Get relief from allergies and hay fever
  • Clean out pharmaceutical or recreational drug residues and heavy metals
  • Clean out nicotine and second-hand smoke deposits
  • Assist with a stop smoking program
  • Keep the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs healthy and clean
  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Help detoxify chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria in the colon and digestive tract
  • Remove parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon
  • Help remove toxins from the blood, organs, and entire digestive system
  • Restore the natural balance of 80% probiotic bacteria to 20% yeast, to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Restore regularity and reduce auto-intoxification
  • End constipation, hard stools, and hemorrhoids
  • Help relieve digestive ailments such as Acid Reflux (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, Colitis
  • Clear skin conditions and body odor caused by internal toxins being excreted through sweat glands Have skin which is healthy, soft, and younger-looking
  • Aid in reducing high LDL cholesterol and hypertension

You can experience a free week of this excellent detox tea on me by going to my site here:

Rush Me My Detox Tea


VelociTea Ingredients

VelociTea Ingredients

This is the continuation of the first video with Dr. Chappell. He explains the VelociTea ingredients and the synergistic effect these herbs have on cleansing the soft tissues of the body.


Dr. Chappell Introduces VelociTea

Dr. Chappell Introduces VelociTea

Dr. James Chappell explains natural healing and introduces VelociTea at the Whole Wellness Club convention in Santa Barbara, California in October of 2010.


Try a free week of VelociTea on me by going to my website below:

Rush Me a Week of VelociTea

Call me if you have any questions.


My Daily Detox Tea

My Daily Detox Tea

ColonWelcome to my detox tea website. I will keep you posted on health tips about cleaning the body and giving your insides a bath. Disease begins in the colon so keep yours clean. The image shows the different sections of your colon:

Ascending Colon

Descending Colon

Transverse Colon

When your colon is healthy, your food digests within 24 hours to sometimes 72 hours or more depending on what you ate. Eating a plant based diet is easier on the digestive system than eating meats and animal products.

healthy colonConstipation occurs when your colon constricts. The latin word for constipation means to press together. You can see a healthy and a constipated colon in the images below. constricted colonDiverticulitis Symptoms include:

Abdominal Pain

Blood In Stool








The Whole Wellness Club has a solution. Try a free week of our VelociTea and improve your colon health and relieve digestion problems. Nine out of ten of our customers get a significant result on our detox tea. Click my link below and call me if you have any questions or concerns:

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