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VelociTea Is Made In America

Buy American

ABC World News has been reporting a series of news features about Americans taking action to support other Americans. If we all will start focusing on purchasing goods and services that are made in America, we will help put Americans back to work. I remember as a child that everything said Made In America.

At some point in the 1980’s, large merchants began outsourcing the manufacture of goods overseas. Made in China now appears on many of the items that are found in our homes. We do have the power to change this and take back our nation’s economic future by making purchase of good that are Made In America.


VelociTea is a detox tea product that is made in America. The tea is a blend of safe and gentle herbs that removes toxins from the body. When you drink VelociTea, you are giving all the soft tissues of the inside of your body a bath.

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Daniel Parsons


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