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Toxic World

polluted air

This afternoon I was creating a video in my office when a Fed Ex home delivery truck showed up for a neighbor here where I live. It is still warm enough each day to have the windows open. It only took a few seconds for me to realize the wind was pushing the toxic diesel fumes from the truck towards my open window.

I made a quick move to shut the window and then when the driver left, I opened the window again and put a fan in the window. My goal was to remove as much of the toxic pollution as possible. Is there any question that our world is hazardous to live in now? If you are not in a rural area with crystal clean air, our lungs take abuse every single day from our polluted air.

Our water is also not pristine anymore unless you live in the mountains at an altitude of over 10,000 feet or so. Even water in the mountains is not immune to toxins as chem trails from aircraft can pollute the water up in the mountains.


Millions of people are suffering from disease and illness. One of the primary solutions available for sick people is to remove toxins from the body. VelociTea is a gentle tea that cleans all the soft tissues of the body.

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