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My Daily Detox Tea

My Daily Detox Tea

ColonWelcome to my detox tea website. I will keep you posted on health tips about cleaning the body and giving your insides a bath. Disease begins in the colon so keep yours clean. The image shows the different sections of your colon:

Ascending Colon

Descending Colon

Transverse Colon

When your colon is healthy, your food digests within 24 hours to sometimes 72 hours or more depending on what you ate. Eating a plant based diet is easier on the digestive system than eating meats and animal products.

healthy colonConstipation occurs when your colon constricts. The latin word for constipation means to press together. You can see a healthy and a constipated colon in the images below. constricted colonDiverticulitis Symptoms include:

Abdominal Pain

Blood In Stool








The Whole Wellness Club has a solution. Try a free week of our VelociTea and improve your colon health and relieve digestion problems. Nine out of ten of our customers get a significant result on our detox tea. Click my link below and call me if you have any questions or concerns:

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