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Toxins In the Water

If you listen to the news on the internet or television, you probably heard about the chemical spill into the Elk River in West Virginia in early January 2014.

The fresh water supply on the earth is critical for our health.

Getting clean drinking water to all 7 plus billion people on the planet should be a top priority for humanitarian agencies.

It seems that every day now, our water is getting bombarded with more and more toxic substances. The PBS News Hour on 28 February 2014 did a documentary on the nuclear disaster in Japan back in 2011.

Some people flush drugs down the toilet. Ground water supplies have to be treated with chlorine to kill off bacteria in the water.

Our bodies need pure water. I realized the importance of water and purchased a distilled water machine back in 2006. I keep enough pure H2O on hand to meet my daily needs.

One other suggestion is to buy a filter you can put on your hand held shower to keep your skin from absorbing chlorinated water.

More than ever, we need to detox our bodies.

Take advantage of this gentle blend of herbs that cleans all the soft tissues insides of your body including the:

1. Colon

2. Kidneys

3. Liver

4. Lungs

Grab your free sample on my site below! Call me if you have any questions! My details are on my Contact Page!

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