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VelociTea Testimonies

What People Are Saying About VelociTea


Dr. Dennis R from the USA shared:

“As a member of the medical community, I was quite familiar with the causes, symptoms and treatments available for Crohn’s disease. I became much more knowledgeable in this regard as I became the victim of this so-called incurable disorder. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to the effectiveness and medical principals behind the tea. I have experienced personally the pain and discomfort that results from Crohn’s and I have also done exhaustive research into the possible treatments and cures. The tea is the only viable solution I am aware of for treating and clearing up this dreaded disease.”

Anita from the USA shared:

“Not only did this tea burn fat, it curbed my appetite and added muscle tone to my body. It also helped make my skin smooth on all parts of my body and I have lost over 80 pounds!”

Barbara from the USA shared:

“I drink Velocitea daily and no more suffering with constipation, irritable bowel or migraine headaches that used to put me to bed for days. Plus I know it is always gently removing the everyday toxins from my body.”

Daniel from the USA shared:

The VelociTea helped me with digestive health issues. I no longer struggle to be regular with my bowel movements. I also can feel the benefits of the tea as it helps remove toxins from my body. Sometimes I am out walking and breath in some exhaust from a truck or automobile. I go home and drink some tea and my lungs are cleansing out the effects of air pollution.

VelociTea is Detox Tea


Jean from the USA shared:

When I first started using the VelociTea I didn’t know I had been constipated all my life. I had had hemorrhoids as a child but didn’t realize what caused them. I do not have to drink the tea three times a day as I did at first but I have no more trouble with constipation.

My neighbor had to go to the emergency room only to find out she was constipated. I said, “I know what to do for that and gave her a package of VelociTea. She couldn’t believe how quickly it worked for her and has been drinking it ever since.”
Myron from the USA shared:

“VelociTea has had a significant effect on me. My first noticeable experience was going to the bathroom and feeling like shotgun pellets were coming out of me. I knew this meant that parasites were being expelled from my body. My later experience with the product was experiencing night sweats.

I knew from attending the Wednesday night conference calls with Dr. Chappell and hearing that this signified my liver was being cleansed of impurities. I tested this by temporarily discontinued taking the tea. I no longer had the night sweats so I knew I had to continue taking the tea in order to detoxify. After several years of taking the tea I no longer experience this and I believe it’s the result of detoxifying not only my liver, but all my other major organs as well.”

You can try a free one week supply of VelociTea by going to my site below. If you have any questions, my Contact page has my details about how to phone me.

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Daniel Parsons

Santa Barbara, CA


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