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Why We Should Detox the Body

Why Detox the Body?

Our world is very toxic now. The air we breathe has harmful pollutants. The water has harmful chemicals. Our food is not pure anymore as chemicals are now in the soils where food is grown. Our body is taking in toxins from three sources: air, food, and water.


People have used herbs to cleanse the body for thousands of years. The Chinese have known about the cleansing effect of herbs for thousands of years as well.

Whole Wellness Club has a detox tea that cleans the soft tissues of the body which includes the major organs: colon, kidneys, liver and lungs.

Doctors know that a person’s overall health is impacted when the colon is clean and the person is eliminating the same amount of bowel movements as they ate.

If you have 3 meals a day, you should eliminate 3 bowel movements. If someone’s colon is not healthy, constipation can set in and waste can back up in the colon. Toxins can be released back into the blood stream and a person’s health is affected.

Disease begins in a dirty colon. By just drinking an herbal tea twice a day, you can keep your colon and soft tissues of the body clean. Watch this video:

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You can also listen to this recorded call by dialing 1-559-546-1051 anytime day or night 365 days per year.

Dr. Chappell shares that many of the ingredients in VelociTea have been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world. Hippocrates used herbs to treat people and he is known as the father of medicine.

The VelociTea ingredients are a special blend of safe, natural, edible herbs grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides (even the tea bags are unbleached):

Blessed Thistle

Malva Leaves

Marshmallow Leaves

Milk Thistle

Persimmon Leaves

You can get one week of VelociTea on me for free by visiting my website below:

Rush Me a Week of VelociTea

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